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  • Awards Success MPA Scotland 2010

    It’s been another successful year for us at the Annual Scottish MPA Awards with Alasdair winning the Cherubs Folio category for the second year in a row! He also achieved an Award of Excellence and an award of Merit in this category. Averil received an award of Merit in the Under 5’s category, and Alasdair then added to his tally with an Award of Excellence in Classical Portrait as well as three awards of Merit (two in Cherubs and one in Under 5).

    A great big thank you to all our wonderful clients who have allowed us to capture these beautiful images.

  • Pets Week

    Pets Week

    Well that’s another Pets week completed and here are just a few of the dogs that have been photographed and viewed. They included a couple of Plummer Terriers, a German Shepherd, a Yorkie, two Miniature Schnauzers and Jake the Springer/Lab cross puppy, better known as “Jake in the Box”.