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  • Mum & Daughter

    Donna popped into the studio last weekend to get her picture taken with her daughter Stacey. As they haven’t viewed yet here is a sneak preview of 2 of their pictures.

  • The Maxwells

    The Maxwells

    Juliet booked us to shoot an updated family portrait, how little did she realise that this shot was going to be on display throughout the village as Averil had decided to update the window, boy was she shocked (and a little bit proud me thinks) to find themselves in the window.

  • Holly

    I just love it when I get the pick of the portrait sessions (does help when Averil is still off on maternity leave), Holly was a photographers dream to shoot, enough attitude to bring out her character.

  • Family Portraits

    Rather than post each individual session I have decided to join a few of our more recent family session together.

    The first of these sessions are Ellie & Katie, we now have photographed them a few times, in fact Ellie is on our shop front sign, her little cousin Katie was first photographed as a newborn.

  • Callum


    Now that I’m catching up with some of our back log, here is my favourite image from Callums not so recent shoot.